Why Cans?

We package our wines and drinks into cans because they are convenient for you, and sustainable for the planet.

Convenient: cans are light to carry and take up little space. They do not break or spill, preventing many incidents.

Sustainable: cans reduce emissions by 79% compared to glass bottles. They are infinitely recyclable.

Are cans recyclable?

Cans are made of aluminium, a metal which recycles forever. This means that our cans are 100% recyclable with no loss of quality, forever.

The ability to be recycled, and be back on the shelf in 3 months, is the can's strongest contribution to sustainability. This also plays a big role in reducing the emissions by 79%.

Is there a taste difference between drinks in a glass vs cans?

In short, absolutely not.

A blind taste study by WBW Exhibition and WIC Research found that 51.3% of participants preferred canned wine or detected no difference in taste compared to bottled. A Forbes article on the same study concluded no strong preference between identical wines in cans versus bottles. Notably, 57.2% preferred dry Riesling in cans, and 68.3% preferred dry RosΓ© in cans.

Are drinks in glass safer?

In short, no.

Canned wines use a food-grade inner lining that prevents the wine from reacting with the aluminum, making them as safe to drink as a canned soda.

This also means that the taste of the drink inside the can is perfectly preserved.

Why not use paper packaging?

While paper packaging works great for still beverages, they explode under the pressure of our bubbly drinks (trust us, we've tried).

We are out looking for a better solution, but our cans are already out in the wild doing a great job at reducing your climate impact.

Never had a good canned drink?

Say 'addio' to your ideas about canned drinks!

Our cans are filled with great Italian wine. One sip, and you'll fall in love.

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